Treatments for you 

The ayurvedic treatments are individually adjusted to your specific mental and physical constitution. The treatment starts by a short health consultation and the therapist will analyse your personality. 

Marma Abyanga Massage 75 min SEK 795 

A deeply relaxing massage where bioenergy points throughout the entire body is treated to create a link between your physical and mental body.

Sattvisk Abyanga Detox 90 min SEK 1050 

A treatment which results in detox and dell renewal. Soft and comfortable masage with firm pressure. The treatment also includes a extensive massage of your face.

Pada Abyanga Foot massage 60 min SEK 650 

Take care of your feet, your connection to earth! A lovely foot treatment where footbath and scrub is followed by a "foot pack" and massage of your bioenergy points. 

Ratna Abyanga Crysta Body Rejuvenation 105 min SEK 1280

Rock Crystals and semi precious stones are used to balance chakras and bioenergy points. A long, wonderful treatment for inner balance. The treatment starts with a dry massage using raw silk gloves. 

Udara Front & Back Treatment Detox 60 min SEK 775 

Front stomack and lower back are essential for us to be able to relax and feel good. With the Udara treatment the relaxation and function of your stomach, pelvis and lower back. The treatment starts by giving Garshan dry massage with raw silk gloves.  



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