Body treatments

Body scrub 40 min SEK 650 

Lovely scrub for the entire body that makes you skin smoth by using salt scrub with herbs. Your skin is renewed, your blood circulation is enhanced and you get a nice colour. The treatment ends by using a fragrant body lotion. This is a good treatment to combine with other treatments.

Continental Relax 50 min SEK 650 

Relaxing back massage followed by a treatment for your face, a face base. During the face mask you will get a light massage of arms and legs. A lovely experience from top to toe. 

Mud pack 75 min SEK 995 

Hot mud gives your skin both moisture and nutrition. While the mud is on your body you will be wrapped in a comfortable thermal blanket and the therapist will give your face a treatment. Clensing, peeling, massage and face mask is included. The treatment ends with a lovely back massage. Choose the mud that is best for you at this time: Detox, Cellulitis or Slim.

Only you 50 min SEK 650 (single) or You & Me 50 min SEK 650 per person (duo)

Relaxing treatment in a hot bath with essential oils in the water. While in the bath we bring you a glass of prosecco with snacks. Your therapist will then clean your face, give you a head massageand a face mask. You will get a moment for yourself to just relax. 


Hot Stone massage 50 min SEK 650 / 80 min SEK 995 

Full body massage by using hot sea cut lava rocks. Your bioenergypoints will be activated and give you a deep mental and physical relaxation. Something out of the ordinary. 

Aroma Massage 50 min SEK 650  / 80 min SEK 995 

Relaxing and soft full body massage with fragrant oil. You will also get massage of your face and head. Choose between Lavender, Anti-stress , Happiness/strength or Sensual fragrance. 

Classic Swedish Massage 25 min SEK 450 / 45 min SEK 750  / 80 min SEK 965

Profound classic swedish massage which goes deep into your muscles. Very soothing for tired and stiff muscles. 

Hand, foot & face treatments

Ayurvedic face-and head massage 45 min SEK 650 

A unique face base with specific products for your skin. Cleansing, peeling, marma massage, face mask and lotion. While you are having the face mask the therapist will massage your head and its bioenergy points. 

Foot- and leg massage 50 min SEK 650 

Footbath with massage for tired legs. This treatment will give you a better mobility and a lovely feeling. The oil that is used will stimulate blood circulation.

Nissan Lyx 40 min SEK 650 

Your hands and feet will get a comfortable massage according to the method of bioenergy points. The oil is chosen for the benefit of your constitution.

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